MA in Communication Design / Editorial Design / Central Saint Martins

This MA project has evolved around a following of investigations into the functioning of memory and specifically in relation to the face.
It is said that there is no single object that we see more often than the human face and none that is so inaccurately remembered as people think about the face as an idea rather than a piece of design. You would hear more often, ‘that girl is charming’ than ‘that girl has a deep and wide pair of eyes’. Thus, starting with the idea of testing our own memory for faces and to see if there is a way to improve it, tasks were given to ten selected people of my closest surroundings including myself. Distant from the crime scene, but by using Flashface, an online photofits system, or by meeting experts of face identification at Scotland Yard, this project has been driven by a need to overview, challenge and understand the memory process better.

London, 2008